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Why should I trust a short URL from TrustURL?

Paid members must not use the redirection to cause troubles for the person clicking(see below for kind of uses) on the URL. It's a strict rule and failure will mean the deletion of ALL redirecting URLs by the member. Other free URL redirecting sites exists and they do serves some users. It's fine when you trust the person that sent you the URL. But what about a short URL found on the web? Will it install some spyware or virus on your computer?

What is a URL redirection?

It's a way to make a web page available under many URLs. For example, you might often use the same and very long URL but by using a redirection, you could make it shorter.

So, the URL below


would become


The advantages of a redirection are:

  • make a URL shorter for Twitter, SMS, forum signature, blogs that don't allow an anchor text ... or anywhere the number of characters are limited
  • protect your affiliates links
  • If you have many sites, you could centralized all your common links.

Note: We will update this page as needed.

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